Youth Cheerleading
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Welcome to Herndon Optimist Youth Cheerleading (HOYC)!

What is HOYC?

HOYC is a recreational/development program for children 5 - 15 years old. The program provides a rewarding and fun experience with an emphasis on both teamwork and individual accomplishment. Cheerleading requires stamina, concentration and regular practice as a team. Throughout the season, your child will learn cheerleading fundamentals, sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork appropriate for each age level.

HOYC cheerleaders support a Herndon Optimist Youth Football team throughout the season by cheering for them at games and participating in the HOYF Pep Rally.  The cheerleaders are also able to participate in optional events such as: performing during halftime at one of the Herndon High School football games, particpating in the Herndon High School Homecoming Parade, demonstrating technique and dance at Performance Day with other Fairfax County Cheer Squads,  and potentially joining a squad to compete in a local cheer competition.

HOYC is more than just cheering - it's an opportunity to give your children the foundation for leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork.


Player Participation Rules:

HOYC is open to boys and girls, ages 5-15. Players must be at least 5 years old as of October 1 of the current year.

League Schedule:

Practices are held Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6-8pm at the Herndon Middle School sports field. The cheerleaders are encouraged to attend all practices. Regular season games are held Thursday through Sunday (we typically cheer on Saturday or Sunday) at fields throughout Fairfax County.

League Structure:

1. All cheerleaders will be placed on squads by age. If there is a squad, which is cheering for the sibling’s football team, AND the cheerleader falls into the ages for that squad, then we will allow he/she to cheer for his/her football sibling’s team. If his/her age does not fall into the specified ages for that squad, then the cheerleader will be placed on a squad which is appropriate to his/her age. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot meet every sibling request as there are typically more football teams than cheerleading squads.

2. Cheerleader siblings are not guaranteed to be on the same squad. If cheerleaders are two or less years apart we will try to accommodate placing siblings on the same team however, we cannot guarantee it. Cheerleaders, one or less years apart, are guaranteed placement on the same team.

Registration Fees:
• HOYC Player Fee: $110.00
• HOYC Uniform Deposit: $50.00 (refundable when returned)
**Late Fee of $25.00 for registrations
Uniform Deposit: A uniform deposit fee of $50.00  will be collected at the time of registration. The deposit will be returned at the end of the season when the uniform is returned.  If the uniform is returned in poor condition (stains, rips, etc.) a portion of the uniform deposit will be applied to fix the uniform. If the uniform is not repairable, is not returned during scheduled uniform return times at the end of the season, the full uniform deposit fee is forfeited.

Registration Fee Payment Options:
• Credit Card
• Check
• Scholarship Application (Fairfax County Residents Only)
• Fee Waiver Request
Registration Fee Refunds:
• Refunds will be authorized if a cheerleader withdraws AND requests a refund prior to September 1, 2011.
• Registration fee will be refunded less a $25.00 processing fee/Fairfax County User Fee
• Uniform Deposit (if paid) will be refunded after uniform is returned.
• Late fee will not be refunded

• The season runs through the end of November (if we make playoffs)

• HOYC participates in additional events that are optional for the cheerleaders. These events are encouraged as they are typically a lot of fun! Please advise Commissioner or Coach if you’re child is not participating so we can plan accordingly.

• Game schedules will be made available in September. HOYC cannot assign cheerleaders to games until Fairfax County finalizes the schedule for the season.

Please understand that you will be provided a season schedule as soon as it is available.